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Member Benefits

Financial Center Credit Union membership provides you access to fantastic deals. We've negotiated with trusted partners to bring you affordable access to theme parks and attractions, credit reports, investment and insurance products!

Here's the information you need to take full advantage of your FCCU membership.

Discount Tickets

Monterey Bay Aquarium: FCCU members can get discounted access to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, located on the California Central Coast. Tickets must be purchased online prior to your Aquarium visit; simply click here and enter the store username, which is FCCU1001.

My Score

You can gain access to your credit report and score through this service that is powered by Experian, one of the three major credit bureaus. Click on the link to try My Score.

MEMBERS Financial Services

Are you confused about how to pay for your children's college education or how to plan for a comfortable retirement? Perhaps MEMBERS FINANCIAL SERVICE can help you reach your long-term goals. Call the MEMBERS FINANCIAL SERVICE Representative at Financial Center for an appointment and start down the road to financial security.*

Try our Retirement Calculator.

AD&D, Life and Long-Term Care Insurance Products

As an FCCU member, you have access to a variety of AD&D, Life and Long-Term Care insurance products. To learn more about the available insurance products, and to receive a premium quote and enrollment information, click here.

Member & Homeowners Insurance

Get a FREE online quote from the MEMBERS Auto and Homeowners Insurance Program, underwritten by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, to see how much you could save on your auto insurance.

As an FCCU member, you can also get a FREE quote for MEMBERS Renters insurance!

Click here for your free quote.

* The products offered by MEMEBERS Financial Service are not all federally insured; are not obligations of the credit union; are not guaranteeed by the the credit union or any affiliated entity; involve risks, including the possible loss of principal; and if applicable are being offered by an employee who serves both functions of accepting members' deposits and the selling of nondeposit investment products.