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Benefits to Membership

We proudly offer our members a variety of financial services, including:


If we had it our way, everyone would be able to experience the benefits of membership with Financial Center. However, the same regulations that make us special, limit membership to certain groups.

Family Membership

One important aspect of Financial Center membership is that family is eligible for the same financial advantages as members enjoy. Full membership is available to the spouse, children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, and uncles of Financial Center members.

Membership Through An Employer/Association

Membership may also come as a benefit from your employer/association. In fact, there are more than 160 employers/associations in the area that offer Financial Center membership as an employee/association benefit.

Faith Based

Financial Center is the Credit Union for some local faith based groups. Members of these groups are eligible for all of the benefits of Financial Center membership.

Request Online

It's easy to become a member of the largest credit union in San Joaquin County! If you're ready to open your account, you can request to join online today! Request to open a Primary Savings account to secure your membership.

Apply In-Branch

Or, simply visit any of our branches to fill out a quick and easy membership application, and we'll open your savings account to establish your membership. Then, you'll have access to all of the great products and services that set Financial Center apart.

Referring Relatives for Membership

If you're a member of Financial Center and would like to refer a relative for membership, please contact us. Be sure to include your name, contact information, your referral's contact information, and the best times to reach you by email. We'll contact you to confirm your referral's qualifications for membership!