Stronger Together

209 Strong

Financial Center Credit Union was born in a decade of unbridled optimism, a post-war spirit that said all things are possible. And for over 65 years, we’ve never stopped believing that.

It’s in these moments as many find themselves in some of the most desperate times due to the economic effects of the pandemic, that we take special pride in doing good. We’ve maintained the same stability, work ethic, and dedication to our members, co-workers, and community as we did back then. It’s what we’re made of at FCCU.

Financial Center Credit Union, our team of essential workers, and the Michael Duffy Family Fund are honored to donate $1 million to those most vulnerable in the 209 community through Stockton Strong.

We take great pride in spearheading such an incredible movement through our partners at Stockton Strong to help provide immediate relief in our hometown. Our donation represents a continued commitment from the FCCU team banding together — giving back to the community we serve.

The Credit Union was formed by 11 county employees looking to help people — their co-workers, their family, and their community. This donation honors our legacy serving county and city employees for over 65 years. It's in our DNA and it's what we still believe today. There are brighter days on the horizon. We are stronger together!

Michael Duffy, CEO & President

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