Special Savings

Special Savings

You're locked and loaded, you've got your eye on the prize. There's something special you want, and you're ready to start saving for it, aggressively. Whether it's college tuition, a brand new Fender Strat, or the dress to die for -- we've got you covered.

Our Special Savings account allows members like you to divert funds for a specific goal. Set up automatic deposits to the account and you'll reach that goal in no time. Start saving…now!

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  • Simplified saving solution so you can set aside funds for something specific, like:
  • Christmas
  • Vacation
  • Wedding
  • And more!
  • Only a $5 minimum deposit to open and $5 minimum balance to earn stated APY
  • No monthly service fee
  • No minimum balance requirements
  • Withdrawal limits for accounts under $10,000:
  • 5 free withdrawals per quarter
  • $5 fee for 6 to 15 withdrawals per quarter
  • $10 fee for 16+ withdrawals per quarter