Save Time with FCCUQ

With all of the uncertainty, let us help you have one less worry! Save time & save your spot in line. If you need to visit us in person at one of our branches listed below, just text, call, or secure your spot online with FCCUQ!

Use FCCUQ and join the virtual line from the comfort of your home, while running errands in your car, or practically anywhere. We’ll give you an estimated wait time so you know when to leave. Join Our Virtual Line & Wait Where You Want!

You have options!

Book online by clicking your location of choice below. Then, simply fill out your name and number to be entered into the queue.

Lodi                                       Airport                       

Manteca                               Pershing

Main Branch



Text FCCULODI to (209) 314-8153               Text FCCUAIRPORT to (209) 314-8153

Text FCCUMAIN to (209) 314-8153               Text FCCUPERSHING to (209) 314-8153

Text FCCUMANTECA to (209) 314-8153



Call (209) 948-6024