Fee Schedule

Effective 2/15/19. Fees are subject to change without notice.

Savings Services
Membership: Open Account$5
Membership: Close Account$10
Membership: Replace Closed Account$25
Withdrawal on Accounts Under $10,000.00
1 To 5 Per Quarter
6 To 15 Per Quarter
Over 16 Per Quarter

no charge
Minimum Balance Fee

(Under $25.00 Minimum Base Share Balance, per Month)


(No Activity for 365 Days, Balance Under $500.00, Over Age 17, per Month)

Statement Fee

(Single Service User, Prior Month Average Balance under $500, Over Age 17)

ACH Transaction Fee

(Single Service User, Prior Month Average Balance under $500, Over Age 17)

Checking Services
Copy of Paid Draft$3
NSF Withdrawal/Account Overdraft$30
Overdraft Transfer from Savings$2
Overdraft Transfer from Visa$2
Returned Check: Non-sufficient Funds$30
Returned Check: Uncollected Funds$30
Stop Payment Order on Share Draft$5
Stop Payment Order through Burt Audio$2

(No Activity For 90 Days, Balance Under $100.00, Over Age 17, per Month)

Minimum Balance Fee

(Checking Balance Under $50, Aggregate Savings Balance under $1,000 or No Loan Balance, Over Age 17, per Month)

Auto Access Account Monthly Maintenance$5
myBURT Services
E-checks, Check Images of Cleared Checks through Burt Online
0 - 3 Images per month
4 - 7 Images per month
Over 7 per month

no charge

E-statementsno charge
Stop Payment Order, Through Burt Online$2
Bad Email Address Fee$5
Burt-pay Basic, Up to Ten Transactions per Month$6
Burt-pay, Each Transaction in Excess of Ten per Month$0.50
Burt-pay, NSF/UCF Item$50
Burt-pay, Stop Payment$25
EFT Services
ATM Card Replacement$10
ATM Multiple Card$10
ATM Empty Deposit Envelope$20
ATM NSF Withdrawal/Account Overdrawn$20
ATM Overdraft Fee from Savings$2
ATM Overdraft Fee from Visa$2
ATM Balance Inquiry, FCCU Owned ATMno charge
ATM Balance Inquiry, FCCU Non-owned ATM$1
ATM Cash Deposit, FCCU Owned ATMno charge
ATM Cash Deposit, FCCU Non-owned ATM$1
ATM Cash Withdrawal, FCCU Owned ATMno charge
ATM Cash Withdrawal, FCCU Non-owned ATM$1
ATM Card Annual Fee$24
Interlink / P.O.S. Transactionno charge
Pre-authorized Electronic Stop Payment$25
Dishonored Pre-authorized Payment$30
Visa Services
Visa Classic Annual Fee$24
Visa Gold Annual Fee$30
Visa Safeguard Annual Fee$34
Checkcard Annual Fee$24
Classic/Gold/Safeguard/Checkcard Multiple Card$10
Classic/Gold/Safeguard/Checkcard Rush Card Order$30
Classic/Gold/Safeguard/CheckCard Late Payment (10 Days)$10
Classic/Gold/Safeguard/CheckCard Stop Payment$20
Classic/Gold/Safeguard Overlimit$10
Classic/Gold/Safeguard Check Returned$20
Classic/Gold/Safeguard/Checkcard Replacement$10
Visa International Service Assessment on Foreign Transactions (Multi-currency Conversion)1.00%
Visa International Service Assessment on Foreign Transactions (Single-currency Conversion)0.80%
General Services
Corporate Check Fee

(Per Check If Account Balance Under $500.00)

Copy of Paid Corporate Check$6
Stop Payment on Lost/Stolen Corporate Check$25
Stop Payment/Redeposit Stale Corporate Check$15
Returned Deposit Item$25
Account Research/Excessive Reconciliation Assistance (per Hour)$15
Statement Copy (per Month)$5
Domestic Wire Transfer$30
International Wire Transfers$50
Skip A Pay Fee$25
Overdraft Transfer$2
Check Collection Fee$5
Foreign Check Collection Fee$5
IRA Annual Custodial Fee

(Balance Under $500.00, Over Age 17)

Missing Address (per Month)$20
Money Order (Up to $999.99)$5
Escheat Notice$2
Levy or Garnishment$50
Check Cashing Fee

(Single Service User, Balance Under $500.00, Over Age 17)

ACH Direct Payment (ACH Debit) Dishonored/NSF Return$30