Fraud & ID Theft Prevention

We take our members' personal security very seriously. That's why we provide access to services specifically meant to give you the peace of mind you deserve. Arm yourself with knowledge, and then shop at will!

Third-Party Fraud Prevention Services

Credit Card & Debit Card Breaches

  • Periodically, Financial Center is alerted by Visa International of a data breach involving our member credit cards and/or debit cards. When this occurs, we send communications out to the affected members.
  • If your card is included in a data breach, you may receive an email, phone call and/or letter about the breach. Please be sure to review your received communications and follow the instructions to ensure you do not experience an interruption in your account access. You will also receive a replacement card, with a new card number, in a white unmarked envelope by mail; be on the lookout for the envelope so it doesn't get mistook for junk mail and discarded.
  • Please know that a card breach does not necessarily mean fraud has or will occur on your account. Typically, there are low levels of fraud associated with these kind of breaches. If fraud does occur, you will not be responsible for the activity if it is reported to the Credit Union in a timely manner. We encourage our members to monitor account activity for any unidentified transactions associated with card usage and report any suspect transactions to FCCU immediately.

General Tips on Credit Card Fraud & Identity Theft

  • Sign up for eStatements and check your accounts on a regular basis
  • If you find something unusual, contact FCCU immediately
  • If you believe you've already been the victim of fraudulent actions, consider freezing your credit report, which prevents inquiries without your permission
  • Guard your information online
  • Clear your logins and passwords
  • Pay for online purchases using your credit card — it has stronger guarantees under federal law than your check card
  • Be on the lookout for phishing, a practice in which spam emails or pop-ups try to trick you into thinking you're dealing with FCCU, or other legitimate institutions
  • Verify your physical mailing address with the post office and any financial institutions you use, including keeping FCCU informed when you move
  • If you receive paper bills in the mail, or print out financial statements, shred them once you're done, to avoid theft
  • Visit the Federal Trade Commission online, for more in-depth information about best practices for avoiding, and responding to, identity theft and fraud

Confirm & Report

  • If you discover your information is at risk, please know this does not mean that fraud has already occurred on your account. You will not be held responsible for any fraudulent activity — as long as it's reported to us in a timely manner.
  • Once we've confirmed that your card is at risk, we'll send you a replacement card. When you receive the replacement card, please make note of the new card number, and update any automatic payments you have set up on the card.

Contact Us

If you ever suspect fraud relating to your Financial Center Credit Union account, please contact us at

209.948.6024, ext. 0.