Whole Life Insurance

Why TruStage Whole Life Insurance? Your premiums won't go up and as the years go on, and you can even access cash from the policy in the form of loans and withdrawals. The cash settlement paid to your beneficiaries is generally tax free. Your loved ones can use the money to pay for whatever they need, during a time of many needs.

  • Helps you prepare for the unexpected (such as death or a loss of a job)
  • Designed to help safeguard growing financial commitments (marriage, children, mortgage, etc.)
  • Helps to protect loved ones if you and/or your spouse should die prematurely
  • Can build and protect funds for a child's college education
  • Can provide a cash value for future use
  • Can accumulate and secure money for retirement
  • May be used to cover final and estate expenses
  • A way to leave money to charity
  • Offers coverage for your entire life
  • Premiums remain level, the same throughout your lifetime
  • Policy loans can provide a future source of money
  • Policy loans incur interest and any unpaid loans decrease the death benefit