Visa Check Card

Visa Check Card

Imagine getting through life without ever having to dig for change — or worse, write a check. Use your Visa® Check Card for purchases around the globe and online.

Our check card is safer than carrying cash and more readily accepted than checks. The very same card is used to make ATM withdrawals. One tiny piece of plastic — a whole lot of versatility.

  • Fast and easy payment method
  • Safer than carrying cash
  • More convenient and safer than checks
  • Eliminate cost of purchasing checks
  • Make purchases anywhere Visa® is accepted
  • 24/7 access to funds via ATMs
  • Block lost or stolen cards, and place new card orders through myBURT Online Banking
  • Contact us for more in-depth information on a lost or stolen card
  • Real-time fraud monitoring detects potentially fraudulent purchases
  • Low, $26 annual fee
Verified by Visa®

If you end up the victim of credit card fraud after losing your Visa, you'll want to take the recourse necessary to prevent the thief from using it. Better still, prevent it from ever happening in the first place! That's where Verified by Visa comes in.

  • Comprehensive fraud protection
  • Adds an extra layer of security when you enter credit card information online
  • Prevents unauthorized online use before the transaction
  • Verified by Visa launches automatically at participating online stores
  • Enroll your FCCU card in Verified by Visa